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15 November 2016


Victorian Railways     10000 Gallon Rail Tank Car Series


Our final production arrived recently however there was a small glitch with the clear upper blister not being included within the pack. This has delayed the post out by a couple of weeks whilst waiting for the clear covers to arrive, the good news is they are now here.


 GS “Speed-E Gas” Rail Tank Car

The first of our production stock has arrived, see photos on the website. The balance of all the other liveries is due into Port Botany around the 22nd of November.


EHO  Express Brake Van 

These are in production now  and will likely arrive towards end of December.


Victorian Railways FX Flour Wagon - Series 1 

These are due to be shipped in December and will likely arrive mid-month, included are some re-runs of our Series 2 models.



These are due to shipped in January before the factory closes for their New Year break. Delivery is likely mid February 2017.


81 Class

When we announced our ultimate 81 class, we’d previously entertained some discussions with Austrains about their future plans however no agreement could be reached. Shortly after our 81 class announcement we resumed talks with Austrains and a deal was concluded.

At this point we decided the potential duplication of having two 81 class bogie designs was not in our best interests and the best course of action for powering our 81 class was to use the same design gear parts that Sanda Kan had been using with Austrains for the past 19 years. It is a proven design that is simple, robust and reliable and makes good use of collector plates and bronze bushings for current collection. Notwithstanding a very small percentage of split axle drive bushes over this period the greater majority of parts are extremely reliable and by adopting these proven parts we can continue to offer spare parts into the future that will suit all Austrains older product. Exiting the Austrains factory has taken a little longer we expected however it’s now complete and we have collected all the old Sanda Kan tooling from Kader (see below) our first priority in 2017 will be the release of our 81 class diesel electric model. We anticipate some running samples to be available Qtr 2 2017, with delivery within a reasonable timeframe thereafter.



A little over 12 months ago we purchased the tooling assets from Austrains. John Eassie will continue to sell existing Austrains products at exhibitions and hobby shops whilst developing a small number of new models of which the tooling will cascade to SDS Models after a period of time.

SDS Models will continue to produce the existing range of models under either the Austrains Basix + or Austrains NEO brands. The Basix + range will be at a competitive price point within the marketplace and the NEO range will be new or upgraded tooling at current price points.

Some of our first releases will be the Ultimate S truck and the SAR SO/SOC concentrate wagon.

When we recently collected the redundant tooling from Kader Industries we had to buy some end of run production parts this included lots of mouldings, electric motors, etched brass name plates and myriad of other bits and pieces used in the assembly of model locomotives.

Also amongst the pallets of parts were some cartons of plastic body and chassis mouldings from their recent NR class production. We are currently talking with our guys in Dongguan about a small run of very esoteric NR liveries in Non-Powered form. Some of the liveries could include NR61 when it first arrived in NSW, early Newcastle built engines ‘on trial’ prior to receiving their NRC livery at Lansdowne Engineering and some of the more colourful Ghan and Indian Pacific colour schemes. Final numbers will be limited to the number of moulded parts currently available. They will have the same lighting features as the last production of Austrains models and be Kadee equipped. Projected SRRP will be $154.00 incl GST and available mid-2017.  




29 September 2016


Victorian Railways     10000 Gallon Rail Tank Car Series


The second part of our Victorian Railways OT/TW/VTQY series rail tank cars will be leaving Hong Kong the first week of October.


 GS “Speed-E Gas” Rail Tank Car

The next delivery will be our GS Speed-E-Gas rail tank cars, again we have chosen to ship half the ready production mid-October with the balance due late November.


EHO  Express Brake Van 

Following the GS cars will be our EHO program, see here.


Victorian Railways FX Flour Wagon 

Early 2017 we expect the VR FX Series 1 Flour wagons and re-run of the Series 2 wagons.


QMX, FQF and RQTY  Container Wagon 

Following on in Qtr 2 2017 will be the QMX, FQF and RQTY models.



17 August 2016


Victorian Railways     10000 Gallon Rail Tank Car Series


The first half of our VR RTC production is currently being consolidated in Hong Kong and is due to arrive at Port Botany in the first week of September 2016. We'll have some packs, arriving via DHL this week, for display next weekend at the AMRA Vic Exhibiton at Caulfield Racecourse.


7 July 2016



Our LHG/SHG/BHG Brake vans will be available from the 15.07. The pre-order offer expires on the 14.07.

Many thanks to all our customers who pre-ordered.



15 May 2016



These short Brake vans are expected to be shipped from Hong Kong the first week of June with arrival at Port Botany mid-month.  Mail out of pre-orders should be completed by end of June.  

Rising production costs in China mean that we need to raise the price slightly after delivery. Pre-orders remain at the pre-delivery prices.  After delivery, single cars will be $110.00 per pack and the Way and Works set will be $300.00 per pack.


Amongst our recently arrived GY shipment, we have received the National Rail Corporation RQJWs.  These were the final component to our original 80' container wagon program.   Sales of our JCW coded wagons exceeded expectation and we were caught short.  We now have a small re-stock of the JCW red and grime Pack A and B and NQJW pack A.  Supplemented to this production are two new packs of red and grime cars, Pack C and D. - Now available.

GS “Speed-E Gas” Rail Tank Car

Decorated samples are expected any day now of these colourful cars and production will commence directly after review and sign off of the samples. 

Victorian Railways     10000 Gallon Rail Tank Car Series


Decorated samples are expected any day now of these colourful cars and production will commence after the GS cars. We are pushing the factory for delivery by mid-August.

JHG / UHG   Guards Van

The product page and order form have been added to our web site. These models should be available in late 2016.

Victorian Railways FX Flour Wagon 

The second part of our FX program (Series 1) is now ready for production, our vendor is looking to squeeze production in with the VR RTC cars and hopefully have them ready to ship together. We have also booked a small re-run of the 70s Pack A, B and C.

81 Class

The 81 Class project has been slowed down in order to adapt the new body shell and chassis with the existing Austrains bogies and drive. We expect to have a test sample by August.

NSWGR  S Truck

The Austrains S truck will be re-run with new gunmetal grey road numbers plus an assortment of colorful schemes from the 70's. (Product page coming soon)

SAR  SO SOC Ore wagon

This project was commenced by Austrains but was caught up in the SDK melee. It was initially designed to share bogies with a TOR project so we need to retool some small items. There are two body variants and the Ecofab roof versions. (Product page coming soon)


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