4 June 2017



Our JHG models have been selling well with the Rhomboid versions selling out quickly. We have ask the factory to make re-run of these and we have added an additional number (34018) to our product range. Plus we have added a new number (34016) with a red R.

These models will be available this coming weekend at the Thornleigh Model Train Show.


NSWGR   ARX / NPAX / NGCX / NGUX   Cement Wagon 

The ARX cement wagon models have arrived and all pre-orders will be posted by the end of this week.

NSWGR   Ultimate S Truck

The production of the S-Truck has been finished and is to leave Hong Kong in the coming days.

We will airfreight a limited number of models this week so we can ship out the pre-orders and also have some models available at the Thornleigh Model Train Show.




 20 January 2017


Victorian Railways FX Flour Wagon - Series 1 

Our VR Series 1 FX flour wagons will be available at the Corio Model Railway Exhibition on the 28th and 29th of this month. We have also re-run some of our more popular Series 2 FX wagons. 


25' and 40' Refrigerated RACE Containers

We have produced a re-run of LRC, SRC and QRC refrigerated containers. We’ve added a new QR version of the QRC, see below. These will be available at Corio next week.


EHO  Express Brake Van 

Our popular EHO Express Brake van model will leave Hong Kong later next week, they should be available from late February. Unfortunately due to rising costs in China the pre-order price will end on the 31st January 2017.

81 Class

We are expecting the first Engineering samples mid-February utilizing our body design with the tried and proven Austrains drive system. Once we have running samples and have trialled the DCC control versions we’ll be able to advise an exact delivery date.

The factory have committed to providing us running decorated samples by mid-year and we’ll extend the pre-order cut-off time up until we receive these demonstration units.



Why NEO ? Our ambition is to continue with the entire range John Eassie developed over the past 20 years, most newer products are suitable to be re-run in their present condition. Some older products will receive cosmetic and or enhanced paint finishes, some may receive partial retooling to bring them in line with current market standards. And at some point in the future we may need to be able to differentiate our production of a model from that of an earlier production run by John, so we’ll add NEO branding to our versions. The current production of the Ultimate S truck has seen a small increase in the unit price from the supplier and we have added KADEE short shank couplers to all versions (both with buffers and without buffers), the pre-order price is the same as the last Austrains offer however the post arrival price reflects a $5.00 per wagon increase.

Ultimate S Truck

Link to S Truck model page

Our limited production run of NON-POWERED NR class locomotives will see enhanced paintwork details and added graphics to both the hood and chassis parts of the model. 

Link to Non-Powered NR model page

Following the introduction of a limited quantity of non- powered NR class locomotives we have fielded many enquiries for powered NR models too. We are pleased to present our range of powered NR class locomotives.

These will feature the same tooling and assembly as the latest series from Austrains with LED lighting and will incorporate the enhanced paintwork we had developed for the non-powered range. They will be available in three formats: Straight DC control (Austrains current standard), Factory fitted DCC control and Factory fitted DCC + Sound control.

Link to Powered NR model page



Our first hand painted Engineering samples have arrived and some minor assembly details are being being corrected, they are due to shipped mid-March with delivery in April. The pre-order price will end on the 28th February.


There are three models in our range, the JHG/NVJA/F with plain bearing bogies, the UHG/NVUF with roller bearing bogies and Main Reservoir piping for coal road use and the Brake Test Car with open end handrails for Engineer access. 



The brake vans are fitted with our new 2SA or 2AT bogies.

Link to model page


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