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Updated July 2024

NEWS, Recent and pending arrivals

SAR 8300 Brake Van

After commencing production of our SAR 8300 series 1 brake vans, we were shown an image of 8303 in AN livery that didn't match the other yellow and green versions. We decided to add this unique scheme to our range. 

AN 8303 Brake Van

SAR 8300 Brake vans are now available from our retail partners.


NSWR KB Bulk Mail Van

We've revised our KB Mail Van program as further research uncovered some anomalies in our original posted production series. The current production is shown below and we've deleted the early versions with Navy Dressed roofing colour.

It's highly probable, when these vans were built, they used white lead material to provide weather proofing.

There is some supposition, that as these vans were delivered during the period of Crimson Lake Pullman carriages, they carried the same exterior finishes. In a period where mansard and elliptical roof cross sections had become simpler and cleaner in design and appearance the reversion to an earlier style must have been for an intended purpose. There fore our KB01 model is an acknowledgment to the original Pullman finish. 

The factory has finalised the tooling and started production.

Victorian Railways  K Class  Steam Engine

 Great news on the VR K class steam engine production. All the components are now painted, and the basic assembly has commenced, see attached images. The assembly process will take a few weeks and the supplier anticipates they can deliver the models in August/September given their current production capabilities.

Customers with outstanding orders with Eureka Models will be supplied by them directly. Please ensure you have nominated your choice of running number and livery with Eureka Models as once we commence assembly the production quantities cannot be varied. 

Queensland Railways / Aurizon

BEZY / QQAY  Container Wagons


The production of the Queensland BEZY 60' container wagon is progressing and should be completed by late July. These models will be shipped at the same time as the DCC Sound QR 1460/1502 models. 

These will be available in the original QR 3'-6" livery and the later QR / Aurizion standard gauge QQAY scheme.

National Rail / Pacific National

RHGF Aggregate Wagons

We received the first test sample of the RHGF wagon. Delivery is expected later this year.

SRA  81 Class Locomotive  

The NSWSRA 81 class diesel in Freight Rail, Freight Corp, National Rail and Pacific National are now available in DC control versions. The PN rural and bulk units were very popular on pre-order and some of these numbers are no longer available.

As the interest in the 81 class has been extremely high, we have re-run the original SRA colours and added some new numbers and these models are currently available.

The last ‘current’ production, which includes all the ‘blue and grey’ versions in DCC Sound and additional Bicentennial models in DC and DCC Sound will be available after the Chinese New Year holiday.

As we have had almost 15 months of continuous production with this model, our supplier called time recently, as they needed to complete some other products for their November/December rush.

The upside to the delay has meant that our ESU decoder buy-in, will be the latest specification and likely to be the usual ESU Loksound V5 trouble free standard.

The DCC Sound models are completed and they’ll be shipped along with some other projects late July 2024. 

QR   1460/1502 Class Locomotive

The delivery of the DCC Sound models is complete and the complete checking of the 12.00mm gauge model wheelsets has been undertaken. These will be shipped with the BEZY/QQAY wagons in late July 2024.

The QR 1620 Class, TGR Y Class and WAGR F Class


We’ve had running samples of these models for some time. Presently our supplier is trailing colours, painting and lining sampling with us. This is a huge undertaking as each colour is presented to them as a swatch of paint on plastic card. They then match the sample and return their interpretation of colour to us to approve. Once we’ve achieve the desired shade control they can progress onto body painted sampling which includes lining and number colours. To date we’ve being to’ing and fro’ing on colours for about 9 months. We should be able to display fully painted and lined samples shortly. Delivery will be around late-year 2024.

We expect a fully decorated example to be sent to us in late July 2024.


1620 running samples have been sent to us for evaluation and we will have them on display at the Brisbane Model Train Show.

VR     KQ  and  GY            Container  and  Open Wagons

A re-run of our very first release, the VR KQ container wagon. These are now paired with some GY open wagon to form a mixed 5 pack of models.

NSWGR  LHO / LHY / KP  Class Vans 

The NSWR LHO/LHY/KP brake and mail vans are available. These were originally Austrains branded products but have now been considerably upgraded to our standard NEO specifications. A new roof cross section profile for the KP van and smooth sided plywood panels and a retooled 2BM bogie complete this models upgrade.

The LHO series received detailed and period correctly patterned solebars and improved bogie tooling. The standout addition to the range being the rebuilt 4 door LHY versions with the option of the 2BM bogie or the all new YMD coded roller bearing bogie.

NSWGR    LLW / NWLA    Well Wagon

These models are have arrived and are now available.

NR34 Pacific National RAP Livery

These models are have arrived and are now available.


  The production is close to completion, and these will be shipped in Late July 2024. We may have some small quantities available the AMRA Vic exhibition at The Showgrounds in August 2024.  


NEWS, General

Firstly, we like to present a brief overview of our supplier base. People often comment on the arrival times of various models, and some make mention of seemingly newer items arriving before long advertised products. We currently deal with six suppliers; some are historic partners from earlier days with Austrains, one we developed when an existing partnership collapsed and they’d not made a train previously, another is from the recent partnership with CGL Models. Some are specialists in steam engine design and production, several have their own tooling facilities in-house.

Almost all of them, are family-based businesses and relatively small in size. This can be good for flexibility however sometimes scheduling production accurately can be a challenge. Expected delivery dates we quote are based upon projections from our suppliers.

An unfortunate aspect of our hobby is that prices of raw materials and labour are continually increasing, coupled with a low exchange rate, prices must rise.

Commencing 1st January 2024 all DC powered "diesel" models (except for the NR class, @ $295.00) will be $335.00 incl GST. All DCC Sound powered "diesel" models (except for the NR class, @ $445.00) will be $485.00 incl GST.

We won’t be offering pre-order pricing on any models in the foreseeable future. We will though, continue to offer highly detailed models that reflect all the nuances of the prototype at competitive pricing. We always use genuine Kadee couplers, our wheels are always metal tyred with semi-finescale width treads, and our locomotive include MTC 21 pin motherboard and speakers.

We recently concluded the Phoenix Reproductions arrangement with the family of the Late John Eassie. These models will now form part of the SDS Models range and all the details will only be found on the SDS Models website. The Phoenix Models website is no longer current, nor is the facebook page.

 NEWS, Project development 

Victorian Railways T Class Diesel

As we’ve mentioned previously these models are being produced with our prime partner and as they have completed all the tooling requests, these models are now ready to commence production. We’ll provide regular updates of their progress and likely to simplify assembly we’ll complete them as classes.

In addition to the all new tooling of the T2 version, a model not previously available in RTR plastic, we’ve changed each and every item of the old Austrains high and low nose model base. To the extent the only carry over parts is roof mounted horn. In fact, even the chassis base has been narrowed to accommodate the new slimline engine hood. The fuel tanks and battery boxes are now T class series specific, the bogie side frames have corrected narrowed pedestals improving their appearance and the gearing is now a newer lower ratio. The models are plug and play with an MTC 21 pin interface motherboard and a speaker is standard. The headlights, marker lights are split and will feature the same logic as the VR D3 with white/white, red/red and white/red scrolling option. 

Victorian Railways Series 2  Y Class Diesel

The retooling of these models is also completed, the design brief mirrors the T class project in corrected detail. These models will feature all new LED lighting, new logic and control functions making them ideal to operate together with our T class models. The new lower gear ratios are shared with the T class, the bogie sideframes have been brought to life with some visual improvements and we’ve added a spoked wheel set for earlier models.

These will commence assembly sometime in near future and be produced concurrently with the later series T classes.


This project is nearing assembly stage, we have past the colour sampling and body printing stages with assembled running models. Some stock of the first production run will be available in August 2024.

SAR 700 Class Carriages

Whilst we haven’t commenced assembly yet of these passenger carriages, the recent arrival of the LHO/LHY/KP models from the same vendor is a great step closer to achieving delivery. These guys suffered immensely during the past 3 years with the principals of the business living in Hong Kong during the pandemic, their factory is in Dongguan. Production will commence in August 2024 with a delivery date towards the end of 2024.

NSWGR S Truck re-run and Shunters Float

These models are now available.

NSWGR LFX/HCX carriages

These are a relatively straight forward re-run of the Austrains models with the exception of the side window glazing. We’ll improve the appearance of the glazing by having the outside face fit closer to the window frame. When this tooling was relocated by Austrains some years ago the mansard roof tool was lost. Whilst we remake the roof tool, we’ll take the opportunity to make a new mansard roofed LFX body. This new LFX will represent the original style plain sided raised edge panelling carriage that CME Thow introduced. 

NSWGR   D50 / D53 Class Locomotive

 Progress of this project has been slow of late due to some factors mentioned above, however we have finished the design and are waiting for the tooling to begin. 

NSWR FG Carriage

Tooling has commenced and we’ll have decorated samples available late-2024.

Australian National

DL Class Locomotive

 The DL Class diesel is being retooled.  The improvements will reflect the nuances we have applied to the VR T class and VR Y class models. The DL model will be available in two versions. The ‘as delivered’ version with original front pilot and lower square edged fuel tank and the later ‘current’ version with revised front pilot and radiused lower edge fuel tank. New tri-mount bogies, improved body appearance, new logic control and lighting are all standard features.
As several road numbers still wear original AN green/yellow paintwork and NRC blue-grey/marigold paintwork we intend to offer some in contemporary ‘faded’ paint finish.  

 Our first EP sample arrived in June and comments have been forwarded to the supplier for some minor tweaks to the bodywork detail. We should have some running samples available in September. Delivery will be mid-year in 2025.

In other news, 

For 2024 we will re-run some of the following models:

NSWSRA     NTAF    Rail Tank Cars


NSWPTC     NPRY / NPRF   Cement Wagons

The NPRY cement wagons will be ready to ship late August 2024.


NSWGR End Platform Cars


Various FO cars, plus new Caves Express set 75, Greyhound cars and CCA. 



Refrigerated   RACE Container

Refrigerated Containers are complete and will arrive late July 2024.


40 Foot Jumbo Containers 

The 40’ Jumbo containers will be ready to ship late August 2024.