Victorian Railways

ELF, ELX and ESX  Open Wagons


Commencing in the early 1960s the Victorian Railways undertook the construction of a new series of bogie open wagon slightly longer than their previous E class open wagon. These new wagons (measuring 45 inside ends) provided slightly greater than double the loading capacity of a GY four wheel wagon.

Between 1961-63 Newport and Ballarat North Workshops delivered 64 wagons with light duty side panels and 24 wagons with heavy duty side panels. Most were delivered as ELF coded wagons, except the final 15 wagons of the heavy duty contract as these were coded ELX from delivery. By 1964 the earlier built wagons had received the new ELX coding.

Between 1964-65 an additional 26 wagons were built with strengthened end panels and open sides. These wagons were for steel pipe traffic, they also carried concrete poles and milled timber. These wagons were coded ESX.

Many plain sided open wagons later received the more modern and stronger rolled corrugated side panelling. Service saw them operate across the VR and SAR networks as well as the Standard Gauge System from Brisbane to Perth.

These wagons are based upon the earlier Austrains models however they have been upgraded to contemporary standards with new finer detailed sides and ends, improved chassis, bogie and brake gear. Our future re-release program will also encompass the corrugated sided versions, the SAR plain and corrugated versions and the many variations found on todays railway. 


Model Features:

  • Highly detailed Ready-to-Run 1/87 scale model

  • Factory painted and decorated

  • Die-cast metal center beam

  • Injection moulded high quality plastic bodywork


  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail

  • Semi scale metal wheels

  • Genuine Kadee scale head whisker coupler 

  • 18 Minimum radius recommended