Brake Van for the Coal Roads 


In 1892 the Railways built three caboose style Brake vans, the roof did not extend over the end platforms. Subsequent series of this style of van were built on 20 long timber underframes and the roof was extended the full length of the end platforms, whilst they retained the same style of caboose enclosure for the Guard. 

Originally the exterior planking on all these vans was in a vertical pattern and during the early 1930s they were re-sheathed to horizontal style planking. Interestingly enough the Private Owner Brake vans built for East Greta Coal Mining Co., Ltd and J & A Brown both retained the vertical style planking. At some point most received a double shade roof. Some 14 vans were paired and close coupled for use on the Belmont branch line. Most were condemned by the mid-1970s, 2 vans remained on the books until the mid-1980s.


Available in Single Packs    $ 66.00 / Pack

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East Greta 620

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