Recent Arrivals

SDS   NR Class

South Australian Railways 800 Class Locomotive


           Victorian Railways     PL Series Passenger Carriages




Victorian Railways       GY   Open Wagon

                   NSWGR    Ultimate S Truck   Open Wagon

New release of wooden bodied S trucks,  three packs decorated for "Wire Train" and 12 single packs

NSWGR  ICX / NQIX, NZMF and Milk Containers

NSWGR  End Platform Cars


Victorian Railways       OT / TWF / VTQF   10000  Gallon Rail Tank Car

- New BP, Esso, Ampol and Golden Fleece Single cars 

- Six New Weathered VTQF Cars

- New OT Bitumen Cars

Tulloch 10000 Gallon Rail Tank Cars     

New Mobil, Caltex, Shell, Ampol, BP, Esso and Golden Fleece Versions

          3000hp Mainline Locomotive

L / D / NGA / NGB / MSL / VSL  20' Foot Containers 

NSWGR   EHO Brake Van     Full - Panelled Version


PTC / SRA     SKB  Parcel Van

                      Powered  NR Class Locomotive


              Non-Powered  NR Class Locomotive



Open Wagon


SeaTrain    RQTY  

   63' Container Wagon



Victorian Railways      QMX 

    63' Container Wagon

40' Jumbo Containers

NSWGR   ARX / NPAX / NGCX / NGUX  Cement Wagon

NSWR    JHG / UHG / NVJA / NVJF / NVUF   Guards Van

NSWGR   EHO Brake Van

FX / VPFX     Bulk Flour Wagon   Series 1   and   New Single Packs

Refrigerated   RACE Containers     Re-Run  

GS / NTHF / TWF / VTGX     LPG Rail Tank Car  

Victorian Railways    OT / TWF / VTQF  10000 Gallon - Rail Tank Car  

LHG / SHG / BHG  30 Goods Brake Van