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September 2018



81 Class 

The production has started. We’ve received further painted samples and these will be on display at the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition at Liverpool this weekend.


The ubiquitous NSWR 45’ Container wagon built in 1972 by Railway Workshops and again in 1974 by Clyde Workshops. All feature the unique design detail, where the 6” deep side solebar extended past the headstock. Some were fitted with electric wiring for refrigerated container traffic and some had their deck completely sheeted for explosive container traffic, these wagons were recoded NSPF and used by ICI.

These were converted from BSV sheep van chassis and were ideally suitable for milk container traffic. One end of the deck was sheeted in chequer plate for ease of access when unloading. Occasionally they were also used in ordinary container traffic.

These models are in production with a deliviery expected late 2018.

NSWGR   MHO / VHO Brake Van 


New for 2019 will be the MHO / VHO Brake Vans. 

Models variations will include:


          NSWGR    American End Platform Cars 


The first production of the American End Platform Cars have been delivered.    LINK

The second production in 2019 will include: 

DUB Set 63 - 9 cars as used in NSWRTM service 

VUB Set 75, 5 cars, the original Caves Express


NR Class Re-run

12 new PN 5 star numbers and two limited release Indigenous livery models. The DCC Sound option will now feature 12 lighting functions and incorporate alternating flashing ditch lights. 
The Indigenous liveries will be limited in availability and are fully licensed to the Artist.

Available Qtr1 2019





     Private Owners Coal Hoppers

A small air shipment has been delivered in time for the Sydney model railway exhibition. The remaining models should be available by the end of October.

                                  CHG / Brake Van For The Coal Roads

These model are in production and will arrive late 2018

Victorian Railways    S - Flatwagon    E - Open Wagon    OT - Rail Tank Car

South Australian Railways    O / OX / OB / AOGA/F - Open Wagon 

N Gauge NR Class

First engineering samples
are expect
ed in January 2019, with delivery estimated 
in Qtr3 2019.



NSWGR D53 Standard Goods Locomotive


Based upon the Eureka Models 
D50 class with subtle improvements and a choice of several tenders. 
First engineering samples are due early 2019 with estimated 
delivery Qtr 4 2019


NR Class Locomotives Weathered By BARCOOLA 


Exclusive to SDS Models, individually weathered locomotives by Scott Fitzgerald. Based upon prototype photographs of individual units, ensuring the subtle nuances of these workhorses is captured in minute detail.

Own your own piece of model art, prices start from $90.00 + model locomotive. 


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