Relax and Go by Rail, they say. 

Model trains can be relaxing too. 

But lately, building model trains has become quite stressful!

In the past 18 months challenges we've not experienced previously have kept coming. Whilst demand has increased dramatically with many people staying at home, the continual balancing of supply has been difficult. People not working have impacted the supply of Kadee couplers, from what was once a relatively short turn around of orders to now waiting up to 4 months for fulfillment. 
Shortages of skilled workers has meant the production time has more than doubled, coupled with the recent power sharing in the Dongguan region has meant it has made predicting deliveries nigh impossible.
More recently major electronics supplier ESU advised they would run out of components required to make their DCC decoders, this has impacted all markets reliant upon their outstanding products.


Latest News for SDS Models and Phoenix Reproductions

13 May 2022


SRA 81 class  

The ESU sound decoders for the Mark 1 and Mark 2 assembly have arrived at our suppliers shop, over the next few weeks they will complete and ship these models to Australia. Production is well underway for the Mark 3 and Mark 4 versions and these will be shipped after the MHO/VHO series of Brakevans.

   SAR   SO / SOC Ore Wagon 

These models are due into Port Botany later this month and we’ll commence dispatching them in early June.

    QR   PCO/PCUY Container Wagon

The production is complete and they are due into Sydney in a few weeks time, they should available by late June.

   QR   1460/1502 class Locomotive

These are in assembly, we have ordered the decoders and couplers and we should have production ready samples in a few months time.

    SAR   900 Class Locomotive

All the chassis parts are complete, we have final colour selections underway and we look forward to receiving some decorated samples shortly. Decoders, sounds and couplers are ordered however these are from a supplier nearer to Shanghai and recent lockdowns are effecting their capacity considerably.

VR   D3 Class Locomotive Re-run

These are progressing and we expect delivery in Qtr 3 2022

VR   K Class Locomotive

Our first revised samples arrived recently and we had them running in Melbourne at the Easter exhibition. There are only a few details to complete and we are now looking to adopt a Kadee scale head whisker coupler as an option for the front buffer beam mounting. This will be a included component and customers will have the option of a scale non working coupler or working Kadee coupler. 

SAR   700 Class Carriages

Progressing however the principle of this company resides in Hong Kong and travel between his factory and home state is difficult. Work has slowed somewhat however he is presently in isolation prior to resuming D2D operations in Dongguan.

NSWGR  LHO / LHY / KP  Class V ans 

Assembly has commenced however they are at the same factory as the 700 class carriages.

NSWGR  S Truck  Re-run 

The early period versions with spoked wheels and buffers will be shipped shortly, presently we are waiting on components from the US of A for completion. The upside however is the development of two new S truck underframe based wagons, perfectly suited to running with a standard goods engine.

VR  T Class Locomotives


Awaiting a production slot after the second batch of 81 class. T2 series are expected later this year.

VR Y class


Engineering prototypes are being assembled and we expect the first samples shortly. 

NSWGR  D50/D53 class Locomotives


Drawings are presently in development for both upgrades to the D50 and new designs for the D53. We will have more information to share once the K class engines are completed and ready for production. Expect Order Forms to be available Qtr3 2022. 

AN   AKEX / RCEX   Steel Coil Wagon

Painted samples are due late June with production late Qtr 3 2022.


Tooling development is complete and painted samples are expected in July 2022. Production will commence immediately we sign off on the painted samples. The only new colours are the pattern for varnished timber finish for some early vans (similar tones but different application technique than our end platform cars) and the Light Purple brown for the Commissioners van.