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January 2019



81 Class 

 The 81 class delivery has been forced back due to overruns with our suppliers other clients and by us not wanting the assembly split before and after the Chinese New Year break, given the holiday results in the factory closing for near on 4 weeks and often without a guarantee of all the workers returning. We were hesitant to having this model finalised by some who possibly weren’t fully conversant in the assembly process, we’ve been down this path previously and did not wish to revisit the consequences.


 The ubiquitous NSWR 45’ Container wagon built in 1972 by Railway Workshops and again in 1974 by Clyde Workshops. All feature the unique design detail, where the 6” deep side solebar extended past the headstock. Some were fitted with electric wiring for refrigerated container traffic and some had their deck completely sheeted for explosive container traffic, these wagons were recoded NSPF and used by ICI.

 These were converted from BSV sheep van chassis and were ideally suitable for milk container traffic. One end of the deck was sheeted in chequer plate for ease of access when unloading. Occasionally they were also used in ordinary container traffic.

These models are in production with a delivery expected early 2019.


NR Class

 The new SDS Models Indigenous NR series samples have been completed and assembly will commence once the 81 class models are nearing finalization. We expect these to be available by Mid-2019, the production is limited to 660 pcs, as there is a substantial royalty fee, to be paid in advance, to the Artists Agency.





NSWGR   MHO / VHO Brake Van 


 The MHO/VHO/DMC range of brake van tooling is in progress and we expect delivery around September 2019.

South Australian Railways   800 Class

  Development of the SAR 800 English Electric locomotive is progressing quickly. This is partly due to the bogie wheelbase of the 800 and the Austrains 41 being identical allowing many of the driveline components to be shared between models. 

 First engineering samples are due in May with delivery projected for mid 2020. The model will be available with working LED headlight, number boards and marker lights (later series body mounted only).

The model will be available as either DC or DCC with Sound. Sound is via DCC Sounds.


          NSWGR    American End Platform Cars 


 After the positive response to the NSW End platform car program  LINK  we are adding some new packs for 2019, these will include the 5 car Caves Express VUB set 75 in blue and cream, the 9 car RTM set DUB 63 featuring 5 cars with the high elliptical roof section and 4 car with the low elliptical roof section and plain plywood sides. 

The second production in 2019 will include: 

DUB Set 63 - 9 cars as used in NSWRTM service 

VUB Set 75, 5 cars, the original Caves Express


NSWGR   S-Truck 

 A second run of the NSW composite S trucks has been ordered with some examples of the earlier timber sided version, plus 15 running numbered wagons exclusively used on the Ashfield Wire train. These are available in the usual 5 pack and this time we’ve added some single cars too.



Victorian Railways PL/BCPL

 We’ve made some small improvements to the VR PL/BCPL range of passenger cars and will have these available late 2019. 



                                      CHG / Brake Van For The Coal Roads

 Our private owner brake vans for the coal roads will arrive late December and there has been strong interest. Likely we’ll need to consider a re-run mid 2019 and we are currently considering adding a 22’ steel chassis version to the lineup. 

Private Owners Coal Hoppers

 We are also looking to add a rebuilt timber chassis (with steel solebars) to the next production run of the ubiquitous L hopper. Many of the remaining hoppers in service had this change. 

 The revamped range for the VR E open, S flat and OT tank car and the SAR O and OB open wagons is now complete and we expect these models by mid-year. 

Victorian Railways    S - Flatwagon    E - Open Wagon    OT - Rail Tank Car

South Australian Railways    O / OX / OB / AOGA/F - Open Wagon 

N Gauge NR Class

  First engineering samples
are expect
ed in January 2019, with delivery estimated 
in Qtr3 2019.



NSWGR D53 Standard Goods Locomotive


 We are currently finalizing the running number selection for our D53 class and trying to ensure we have a great selection from all parts of NSW to suit modellers needs. At the same time we’ll add some more D50 class numbers with both the standard 3650 gallon tender and the Commonwealth Turret tender. Delivery is expected Late 2019. 

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