Latest News for SDS Models and Phoenix Reproductions

1 August 2023


SRA  81 Class Locomotive  

 The fourth production run of our 81 class arrived last week, this included all the blue and grey diesels. Upon testing it was discovered that these are inexplicably wired to run in the opposite direction as intended. This is a problem and upon investigating the processes needed to rectify the running, we decided the fastest course of action is to return them to the supplier for warranty. We’ll action this after we return from the AMRA Vic exhibition at The Showgrounds next weekend.


VR     KQ  and  GY            Container  and  Open Wagons

   Two mixed 5-packs of KQ and GY are now in stock. The models are a re-run with new running numbers.

VR     GY         Open Wagons

   A new 5-pack of red GYs is now in stock. The models feature 5" imperial lettering with new running numbers.

  QR   1460/1502 Class Locomotive

 After the showing at the BMTS in May we needed to make some minor paint and numbering corrections to a few models. These corrections are now complete, and the models being reassembled. The supplier advise they should be ready to ship to us in about 4 weeks time. We’ll post an update when we have a precise shipping date.

QR 1620 Class  /  TGR Y Class  /  MR F Class 

Diesel Electric Locomotives

Link to Web Page:  QR 1620 Class  /  TGR Y Class  /  MR F Class 

 The production ready engineering samples will arrive late Feb and if all is well we’ll proceed to assembly commencing with the 1620 class in May 2023. Once the 1620 models are painted and tampo printed, the other two models will follow immediately.

VR   K Class Locomotive

 All the components are now in hand with the supplier, paint work has commenced, and they plan to start assembling in the next few months’ time.

VR  T Class Locomotives


 Now that the 81 class assembly is nearing completion, the T class will be the next model to commence assembly.


VR  Y Class Locomotives


 The tooling for these models is complete and will be produced jointly when we get into T class assembly.


NSWGR   D50 / D53 Class Locomotive

 Progress of this project has been slow of late due to some factors mentioned above, however we have been assured by the supplier they will complete the designs immediately after the return to work next month. 


SAR   700 Class Carriages

 Painting and tampo printing has commenced, however this is a huge undertaking of colour and livery complexity. 

NSWGR  LHO / LHY / KP  Class Vans 

These models are almost complete and will be shipped from China later this year.  

NSWGR       S Truck


 We are producing a re-run of the colorful S truck packs 027, 028, 029, plus all single packs including four new models. 


NSWGR     Shunters Float

 This model was designed and tooled back when we produced the timber sided version of the S truck. As several other projects took precedence with this supplier the model remained incomplete until recently. This model will arrive in late 2023 along with another production of the popular S truck and will include another for units in the above Single Pack range.


VR   RY Open Wagon

 First engineering samples will be ready in February and these models will be offered in 5-piece packs like our S trucks. The packs will cover from the IZ wagon with buffers through to the final iterations of ‘new’ all welded steel bodies on old riveted underframes. There are two door latch variations along with two styles of end body bracing. We are offering combinations of sides and ends to suit a wide variation of body assemblies.

 We’ll also re-run the KQ container wagon and some popular red GY wagons with the RY production.

 Later in 2023 we’ll re-launch the Austrains VR 4 and 6 wheel wagon and van models. These will be suitably improved.

VR   ELF / ELX / ESX Open Wagon

 The tooling process has commenced. These wagons are based upon the earlier Austrains models however they have been upgraded to contemporary standards with new finer detailed sides and ends, improved chassis, bogie and brake gear. Our future re-release program will also encompass the corrugated sided versions, the SAR plain and corrugated versions and the many variations found on today's railways.