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December 2017


Whilst we haven’t posted updates to this page for some time, we have been working on many projects with our current vendors in China. Many of these new projects will be small production runs designed to keep our vendor at constant capacity and help provide us with more frequent deliveries across a broader range of product.


81 Class 

This model is close to being ready for production, the final few pieces of upgraded plastic detail tooling will be available for us to sign off on shortly. Our aim is to have all the tool making and electronic design and testing completed prior to the factories New Year shutdown in February.

We anticipate painted samples to be available just after they return from their NY break and production to commence once we sign off on the decoration types. Pre orders will close once we have a production slot allocated, likely March 31, 2018.


December Deliveries

 The balance of our Non Powered NRs will arrive along with our QMX, RQTY and the remaining stock of the FQX with lashing rail feature.

WAGR    WGX   Open Wagon

 The WGX models are in final assembly, fitting of the Kadee couplers, and will ship from China around the 20th of December.

SKB Parcels vans

  The SKB Parcels vans are in production, these should be shipped from China around mid-January.


Powered NR Locomotives

 The powered NRs should be shipped from China around mid-January.

Due to popular demand we’ve increased the number selection for PN livery 4 and 5 star units, however they won’t be ready for shipping until early April 2018.


20’ Containers

Some of the new 20’ containers may also be ready to ship prior to the factory break, but more on these items once we have confirmation.


T and Y classes

Some planned releases for late 2018 will be upgrades to the Austrains T and Y classes with LED lighting, 21 pin decoder slot and sound options.



Welcome to the world of Auspower, Australian HO gauge model trains. Robust and reliable model railway locomotives and wagons at affordable prices. 

Our first release is the mainline 3000hp engine based upon the Victorian Railways C class and our range covers their colourful service record from 1977 until today. 

The models are based  upon old Austrains parts and as such may not reflect all the details that were applied during their service lives. We’ve added a directional LED headlight and Kadee couplers mounted into the pilots. The model now shares the same CAN motor as our Austrains NEO NR class. 

As this is our first entry into this segment of the market. Our long term goal is to provide retail stores with products that are Australian outline and affordable.

See our web page for further details and participating retailers.



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