Coming Soon

SRA   81- Class Locomotive

NSWR SKB Parcel Van

 FQX / VQCX / AQCX / QQGY   63' Container Wagons


The popular FQX container wagons are back in stock. The FQX models with lashing rail are in production and will be arriving soon.

Following this release will be our NEW 63 variants the VR QMX and the NRC RQTY including our Barber S2 bogie. Projected availability Qtr 4 2017.


WAGR    WGX   Open Wagon

NSWGR   EHO Brake Van,  BX First Class Car  and  ACM Composite Sleeping Car

NGD / NVL / NGA / NGB / MSL / VSL      20' Containers

Rail Tank Cars     Golden Fleece, Esso and Ampol    Triple Packs

NSWGR     Well Wagon  LLW / NWLA